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By now I’m sure everyone has realized that there is an urge when you set your mind to quitting.  I’ve set up a tiny list that will help you guys fight these urges. These are the methods that I have been using and that have helped throughout NoFap.

1.   Avoid triggers. Triggers are something that will arouse you, and will cause a snowball effect making you think more and more about sex. A little fact about this, before when I was jerking off and I would use my laptop, there weren’t that many things online that would serve as triggers but that was due to my heavy porn use. Now the slightest sexual ad perks my boner. Positive side to this is? I know that my brain is normalizing again. Bad side? It makes me want to fap. So avoid all sexual content because these urges are the hardest to fight and it’s better to avoid them all together rather than trying to fight it.

2. Take a cold shower. This one has proven to be the most effective for me. Time after time when I’m in my dorm fighting an urge, I’ll just go take a cold shower. It kills all urges and all thoughts. This one is pretty straight forward and easiest method to avoid relapsing.

3. Breathe. Just take a step back and remember why are you doing this. All addicts go through this constant battle with their addiction and we are no different. Media just makes it easy for us to be addicted, they don’t look down upon porn. Drugs like Meth are constantly portrayed as a life-destroying drug, porn on the other-hand is not viewed this way. Even though it can be just as damaging. We just don’t realize it. So just relax and remember why you even started NoFap. Motivate yourself!

I hope this list helps you get over the urge and help us all become the best we can be.